YOUNG AS is well known in many countries sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, spa’s, beauty shops, beauty salons, markets and online.


Cosmetic Distributor opportunities

YOUNG AS is looking for distributors. Unlike other brands looking for distributors we offer Distributors and Agents massive margins WITHOUT a need to stock a large inventory.


How will YOUNG AS help your Distribution Company / Agency?

YOUNG AS will work with you and your distribution business or agency from start to finish, assessing and helping to build a solution that delivers superb results for your company to flourish and provide support all the way.

YOUNG AS offers samples and regularly provides training thorough online demonstrations on how YOUNG AS products stand out from the others brands.

YOUNG AS supports distributors and agents with marketing material:

  • In store point of sale; posters, brochures, sales books, stands, cards (digital files that you can print locally.)
  • Digital marketing; support with social media, posts, banners, promotions etc.

For large orders YOUNG AS can commit to marketing, promotions and personal meetings.

YOUNG AS will support your distribution company in how to draw people in to buy from your company. Such as considering introductory discounts.

YOUNG AS has data to back up our products such as effectiveness testing studies.

The team at YOUNG AS are open to your ideas that might work in your country, when possible we will try to do what’s best for your market.


Together we’ll succeed!

To get a taste of success please send this contact form or send us an email. Looking forward to hearing from you!