How YOUNG AS started

Australia is a clean country with a rich source of natural ingredients.

DNA studies prove that Aboriginal Australians are the oldest civilization, who have been using natural remedies for thousands of years.

Professor Joanne Jamie, a medicinal chemist from Macquarie University, in Sydney has compiled a database on Aboriginal plants.
Many of those plants, she found, contained anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that are known to western medicine.
Professor Joanne Jamie said. “The plants that were used by the Aborigines are very likely to be useful to us.”



Making beauty products for your needs

In today’s world us women are busier than ever working longer hours, raising kids and much more.

A team of Australian Scientists utilized leading edge technology     to formulate a ground-breaking range of greener, natural      products which deliver superior results also saving you time      and money.



The difference between YOUNG AS and other brands is YOUNG AS uses greener, more natural ingredients that deliver superior results.

YOUNG AS does many steps of your daily routine, meaning you only need 1 product instead of many, this saves you time and money.

This is a game changer; we believe YOUNG AS could revolutionize the beauty industry.




NOTE: *Effectiveness testing study was done on humans using scientifically substantiated standardized technical requirements. Scientific reviewed tests were done according to the Declaration of Helsinki, the research involving humans conforms to generally accepted scientific principles and is based on a thorough knowledge of the scientific literature and other relevant sources.