Face Serum | 35 ml.

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Treats lines, nourishes, protects the skin and immune boosting
e 35 ml. / 1.18 fl. oz.

93% of people felt their skin looked younger, healthier and less lined in just 4 weeks.
* Consumer tested on 289 people with stressed skin.

The superior ingredients found in YOUNG AS Serum are explained below:
Allantoin promotes cell regeneration, moisturizes, smooths, reduces reactions, gets rid of acne scars, creates a more balanced skin tone, heals imperfections and protects skin.
Glycerin treats skin infections, wrinkles, fine lines and oily skin conditions like acne. Softens, locks in moisture and maintains your water balance. Nourishes, enhances your skins appearance and increases the thickness of your skin. Guides your skin to grow and heal. Heals fungal infections, reduces bruising, infected tissues and cells.
Lactococcus Ferment Scientist have found that the proteins binding live skin cells are stimulated by Lactococcus Ferment as well as the enzymes breaking the bonds between the dead skin cells. It has a positive influence on epidermal growth and on the outermost layer of the skin. Another positive finding was that it stimulated the production of antimicrobial peptides that play an important role in the normal immune response of the skin cells.

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