Gentle Cleaning Gel | 120 ml.

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Gentle Cleaning Gel Cleans, moisturizes, reinvigorates and protects your skin

e 120 ml. / 4.05 fl. oz.

In just 4 weeks 94% of people said their skin was more clean and reinvigorated.
* Consumer tested on 335 people.

YOUNG AS gentle face cleanser moisturizes and protects your skin with YOUNG AS revolutionary cleansing technology.
Gently cleans; floating away all traces of impurities, pollution, flakiness, unclogs pores also helps to control excess oil without drying.
Leaves even the most delicate skin looking glowing, clean and reinvigorated.

We made the consistency into a gel type which is better for oily skin conditions such as acne and large skin pores. Along with the exceptional ingredients we believe this is the best facial cleanser for acne.

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